Adrienn Pal

Piroska is an overweight, alienated nurse who can’t resist cream-filled pastries. She works in the terminal ward of a hospital her life is surrounded by death. One day she sets off to find her long-lost childhood friend. While tracing her recollections, she embarks on a paradox-filled voyage within her own memory and the memory of those she encounters. This film is an unusual, pedestrial transportation road movie, also offering a sort of cross-section of society as Piroska encounters entirely different lives and fates. From another perspective, it is an inner road movie, a story of development, showing the process through which Piroska comes to recognize herself, and simultaneously the manifold nature of reality and the subjectivity and relativity of memory. Pál Adrienn | Drama | Austria / France / Hungary / Netherlands , 2010 | 137 min Ágnes Kocsis Casting Izabella Hegyi(Zizi), Éva Gábor(Piroska), István Znamenák(Kálmán), Ákos Horváth(Endre), Lia Pokorny(Márta)

When we play?

  • 25. 01. 2018 19:40
  • 28. 01. 2018 11:20
  • 31. 01. 2018 13:00
  • 03. 02. 2018 13:20